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By using our website you represent that you accept and understand all parts of our Terms & Conditions, Terms of use, privacy policy and security of our site. If you do not agree to any part of these Terms of Use, you must stop using this site. Any questions about these conditions or the rental of a vehicle should be addressed to Bartolo Autonoleggio. By completing a reservation with us, it means that you, the renter, agree and accept the conditions of our website, including the 'Terms & Retail Price- (TAC)', so all elements must be read and understood. We have the right to change these terms at any time. Note: The 'Terms & Retail Price- (TAC)' of your rental are available when making an online reservation and can also be found in a confirmed reservation. The above constitutes a request from you to Bartolo Autonoleggio to look for a car rental offer from a wide range of suppliers. Any contract stipulated in the local destination is exclusively between you and the local supplier and in no case with Bartolo Autonoleggio as part of this contract. The rented vehicle will be delivered to you directly by Bartolo Autonoleggio. Your signature in any car rental agreement agreement will be the definitive proof of acceptance of the services and terms imposed by the rental company in accordance with the respective laws of the country in which the rental will take place.


Bartolo Autonoleggio assumes no responsibility for the refusal by the car rental company to provide the vehicle in the event of any problem arising from the conditions of the contract. We will not make any refunds or compensation of any kind for any costs incurred as a result of a change in the provisions. The above is binding and applied to all contracts related to the provision of our services excluding all other warranties and terms. No action by Bartolo Autonoleggio will imply compliance with any other term or condition. In the event of a dispute between you and Bartolo Autonoleggio, our liability, if any, will be limited to the initial amount paid to us.

Indirect losses

Bartolo Autonoleggio is not responsible for indirect losses that are an indirect consequence of the damage or the main loss or damage that cannot be foreseen either by you, by the supplier or by Bartolo Autonoleggio. We are responsible for any loss of profits, opportunity consequential losses, loss of goodwill, damage or costs etc associated with the problem.

Major force

Bartolo Autonoleggio can not be held responsible for the non-fulfillment of obligations expected or compliant with this booking under any circumstances, due to any unforeseen circumstance beyond our control, hindered or prevented by force majeure. In the event of Force Majeure, the booking and all insurance will become invalid. For a confirmed booking, in the event that the local supplier is unable to fulfill its obligation to provide the vehicle due to insolvency, we will do our best to forward your booking to another car rental company. During peak periods this may not be achievable. If we do not have an alternative supplier, you will be notified, the reservation will be canceled and the advance refunded. Bartolo Autonoleggio assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and validity of any information or attachments on this website. These resources are used at your own risk. Access to our website is normally available 24 hours a day. In the rare event that the search engine is temporarily unavailable due to the maintenance system, data updates or circumstances that remain beyond the control of Bartolo Autonoleggio.com. Assistance can be requested via telephone contact at +39 380 643 6245. Estimates for a car rental are provided in accordance with the data entered, therefore the accuracy of the latter depends entirely on the information you provide. At any time Bartolo Autonoleggio reserves the right to modify the content of its website without prior notification. No responsibility can be assumed by Bartolo Autonoleggio if the terms and conditions indicated by the local online supplier differ from those at the time of delivery of the vehicle. Or for non-delivery of the vehicle due to incorrect documentation or lack of the same (voucher, credit card, driving license) not presented locally. Bartolo Autonoleggio assumes no responsibility for additional expenses incurred with documentation that has been accepted on site by providing its signature.

Booking conditions

No booking fees. No commission will be applied to credit cards (except for payments made via PayPal) during the completion of the reservation. Online reservations on our website are made using a credit, debit or PayPal card. Note: Debit Cards and PayPal can only be used on our website. Our local suppliers rarely accept Debit Cards or PayPal. We as agents do our best to confirm the order at the best possible price and as quickly as possible. With our online system, confirmation is normally received within a few minutes of entering the data (12 hours maximum, rarely more).

Transaction Security

Bartolo Autonoleggio undertakes to ensure that the information you provide at the time of booking is secure. To provide you with this security, we use the latest internet technologies. This information will be stored on a secure computer with limited physical access, no internet access, not even on a web server which is internet access. Check your browser and it will verify that it indicates the padlock.

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